Your Grocery Shopping Could Help STLPR

In December 2011, St. Louis Pet Rescue joined Schnucks’ eScrip program.  This program allows customers to basically get “rebates” on their purchases and donate that rebate to a local charity.  The rebate ranges between 1-3% – spend $100, STLPR could get $3 and all just for you doing your normal grocery shopping!

In just one year, St. Louis Pet Rescue has gone from receiving $ .18 in December 2011, to receiving $21.83 in December 2012, through the Schnucks eScrip Community Card Program. We started off with only one transaction from an eScrip card-carrier for STLPR in December, 2011, and one year later, in December, 2012, there were 44 transactions, and now STLPR has 74 people registered!

From that same time period, STLPR received a total of $162.99 through the Schnucks eScrip Community Card Program. The donations from the program go directly into the STLPR bank account each month to help us pay for pet supplies and veterinary care.

So, how can you help? First, if you aren’t signed up, please get signed up. Second, if you’re already in our program and carry a card for STLPR, just keep doing what you’re doing. Third, if you know of friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, etc., who shop at Schnucks regularly or even infrequently — and ask people if you’re not sure where they shop — tell them about how it would benefit our group IF they signed up to support us, and be sure to tell them that it won’t cost them even a penny. It’s completely free for them to be able to help us help the animals. All they have to do is shop at Schnucks and show their registered card at the check-out.  Most animal-lovers will gladly do this!

The more families who join us in the ongoing fundraiser, the more donations we’ll be getting from Schnucks. There are non-profit groups enrolled in this program who are getting donations of $5,000+ per year just by signing up people they come in contact with to support them. How amazing if we could do that, too!

To get a card or to get someone you know signed up for a card, please e-mail Carol to get started.