Friendly Reminder


St. Louis Pet Rescue would like to kindly remind you of the benefit of supporting local non-profit organizations and charities.  Not only do you help do good in your own community, but you probably know some family and friends who volunteer for that group or have been touched by that organization.

Every day all the volunteers with St. Louis Pet Rescue work to bring people and pets together.  Sadly, not all pets get to have a loving home from birth, but the ones we, and other organizations like us, are able to help, well, those are the lucky ones.  Without the support of our community and volunteers, we could not do what we do every day.

Rescued is our favorite breed.  Our volunteers and adopters know it best:  rescued pets know they were rescued.  They have been lost, scared, and perhaps even cold and hungry with no one to care for them.  They are the most appreciative and caring pets.  Sure, they still do chew your shoes (or chair!), but they adore their people who rescued them from the alternative.

This holiday season, please remember to hold your pets close, spread the good word about pet adoption, and ask all of your family, friends, and co-workers (and you, too), to consider St. Louis Pet Rescue when planning your end of year contributions.

Thank you!

Jackie K.