Kittens! Kittens! Kittens!

What a population explosion we are experiencing in the St. Louis area!  Due to this mild winter, kitten season started early.  We have been getting calls non-stop from the community, local animal controls and fellow rescues about kittens or pregnant mamas needing placement.

While the little fuzzy kittens are adorable, we would love to see less of them during kitten season.  Please encourage spay and neuter of pets.  Here are some resources for you or those you might know that offer low cost spay/neuter programs!

 Below are some great reasons from regarding spay/neuter:

  1. Spaying a female before the first heat greatly reduces the risk of mammary cancer, which is usually fatal. It is not beneficial for an animal to go through one heat cycle, or to have one litter.
  2. Neutering reduces aggression; it does not make an animal fearful or fat or lazy.
  3. Spayed and neutered animals are less likely to run off and fight.
  4. Animals that don’t fight don’t get injured – they also don’t get fatal diseases such as FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus – Feline AIDS) which is spread by bites.
  5. If your female dog or cat is spayed, the neighborhood males and strays won’t park outside your house, barking or yowling.
  6. Male cats neutered before sexual maturity very rarely spray – a form of territory marking. If your unneutered cat is spraying, neutering provides the best chance of stopping the behavior.
  7. Neutered males don’t have that stinky tom-cat smell or strong-smelling urine

In order to help the current kitten population get adopted so we can continue to help more, beginning Memorial Day Weekend 2012 through Labor Day 2012, we will run a kitten special!  Adopt a kitten, get a cloth carrier (while supplies last).

Interested in a pair, we’ll adopt a second kitten to you for only $100 – that’s $25 off the normal adoption fee.