LOST – If you have lost your pet, please post it on this Facebook page.  There is also a list of tips on this page that can help you find your pet.

FOUND – If you have found a pet, please take it to any local veterinarian to have it scanned for a microchip for free.  If you can’t keep the animal until the owner is found, please take it to the animal control or shelter closest to where it was found.  Many owners do not know to look far away for their pets.   Please post a pic of the animal, location where found and the shelter it was taken to on

The Missouri Dept. of Ag. who licenses rescues, shelters and animal controls recommended that we do not take in strays.  Foster home based rescues cannot perform a legal stray hold.  A lost pet has its best chance of finding its owner if it is taken to a shelter open to the public near where it was found.

St. Louis County – the best place to take a stray is the Animal Protective Association on Hanley Rd.

St. Louis City Animal Control – is now run by non profit trying to be no kill so it is okay to take animals there.

Jefferson County – you can take to any of the animal controls except Crystal City.  The animal controls for the county as well as the small municipal pounds, except Crystal City, have volunteer net workers that get the animals out alive.  Also in Jefferson County is Open Door Animal Sanctuary.

St. Charles City – please take the pet to St. Charles City Animal Control.  They have a great group of networkers that get the animals out alive.

St. Charles County – please take the pet to St. Charles County Pet Adoption Center on Mid Rivers Mall.  They do a tremendous job.


If you adopted a pet from a rescue or no kill shelter and can no longer keep it, they usually want you to return them so they can find another home.  If you did not, sometimes rescues can help you if you are willing to foster your pet until it is adopted or if they have an open foster home.  It depends on the policies of the particular rescue.  If you prefer to do it yourself, has a great program that can help you safely and responsibly rehome your pet.