Rex and Jack

Picture6    Having just lost my best furry friend in September of 2014, I was not looking for another cat quite yet.  Walking into Petco late November 2014 with my mom, we stopped to take a look at the pets available for adoption. Immediately, my eyes fell on this little gray tabby.  His foster mommy was opening his cage and getting ready to go home for the day.  I politely asked to hold the scared little guy, and she replied with a huge smile but warned me he was petrified.  I instantly fell in love!  This little cat was a gray tabby with beautiful white markings.  He had high white boots along his back legs with a white collar of fur.  After holding him for a bit, I told my mom that he was the one.  Vanna, the foster mommy, explained his story to me.  He was rescued from Animal Control.  His four paws had been burned, and he was extremely dehydrated when they found him in the middle of a grocery parking lot shivering from the cold. The little guy was 20 minutes away from being euthanized when Vanna was lucky enough to get there in time to save him.

Picture2She told us that all he does is hide under furniture at her house and doesn’t show signs of play.  She said, “he may never play”.  This broke my heart, and I was determined to give this little guy the best life possible.  After filling out the adoption paperwork and waiting patiently, Vanna finally called to say he was ready for adoption!  My family and I drove over to her house that night to bring him home and decided to name the little guy Jack (based off of Jack from the TV show, 24).  Jack was a fighter in the TV show, and we were determined this little guy would be a fighter and overcome his past.  With a lot of tender love and care, it took Jack all of three days to show signs of play.  Within two weeks, Jack was chasing string around the house.  We just passed Jack’s 1 year “got-me-day” anniversary, and I could list millions of reasons why I love this cat.  He sleeps curled up next to my side every night, and every morning he wakes me up wanting out of my room at 6am.  He howls in the middle of the night wanting to play and scratches at my blinds. He pounces at pipe-cleaner bugs I throw on my bed, and he loves to eat chicken!  This little guy has brought a tremendous amount of joy to my life, and he was the best Christmas gift I ever received. I am so thankful that Vanna and St. Louis Pet Rescue took a chance on this little guy and so thankful he has come to trust people again.  There is no way Jack could even come close to replacing my furry friend I lost last year, but he sure is my best friend now!
Picture5In September of 2015, we decided to become foster parents ourselves.  My mom always talked about becoming a foster mommy once she retired, but after seeing two five-month old kittens who were looking for a foster home in the Petco condos, we decided “Why wait?” and filled out the application to become foster parents.  Rex, an orange tabby, and his sister Ruby, a long-hair torbie became our first two fosters.
At first, Jack howled and growled at these two fur balls.  Rex and Ruby were full of energy, constantly running around the house chasing each other and wrestling.  It didn’t take but three days for Jack to realize he was still a

Picture3kitten at heart, even though he was not a baby anymore, and he decided to join in on the fun.  These three were always seen together exploring and becoming best buds.  Everyone in our household talked about how hard it would be to let Rex and Ruby be adopted since we all fell in love with them.  We had talked about adopting them for a while, but as we continued to get applications for each of them and since they were both highly adoptable cats, we decided to try and find a perfect home where they could be adopted together.  As the weeks passed, Rex and Jack started becoming a bonded pair.  The boys would wrestle and rough play all the time.  I swear Rex is part dog.  He chases after a feather on a stick and brings it back.  He jumps over hurdles in the hall and chases a laser.  Ruby was more of an independent, sweet princess who didn’t like all of the rough housing.  She had her wild spurts at times, but she was content being brushed and laying on our lap.

Rex and Ruby had been living with us for three months, and we all knew they were our cats even though the paperwork said they were “foster cats”.  Unfortunately, Ruby became terminally ill at the age of 7 months old and passed away on December 4, 2015.   One day later, on December 5, 2015 we thought it was only appropriate to adopt Rex as a present for Jack.  This was to the day a year after we adopted Jack.  Picture4

As a foster parent, you have to go through some pretty rough and unfair times, but times like this make me so glad we decided to foster.  All cats can be sweet and loving with the right environment.  Fostering is hard because you want to keep them all, and if I could, I would.  It’s hard to watch your foster cats move on to their next home, but it’s even harder watching all of the cats brought into the animal controls that need to be rescued.  Rex and Jack sure make a good pair, and they mother any new foster kitty we take in as if it was their baby
I’m so glad we adopted these two.

Foster mama (now permanent mama),

Kaitlyn B.

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Reasonable, but not cheap adoption fees

Many organizations in the area are coming up with reduced adoption fees anywhere from $25 to $50 for adult cat adoptions. We have been fortunate to receive grants in order to reduce our adoption fees from $125 to $85 for adult cats.

Some of our fosters and potential adopters want to know why we don’t reduce our fees even further. Here’s why:

Our pets are in foster homes and not cages. They are socialized with people and others pets. We know our pets’ personalities and quirks.

We provide food, cat litter, and other supplies to many of our foster homes.

We are not as largely funded as some of the organizations who do have these smaller adoption fees. I actively apply for grants; however, some of the larger grants go to organizations that have a longer history than we do and have a physical location. We do hope to have a physical location in the near future, which will enable us to obtain larger funding opportunities.

We only euthanize for grave illness or unpredictable aggression, whereas some of these organizations do euthanize for space, personality, age, etc.

We provide all the veterinary care for the whole year. This at minimum includes Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus testing, spay or neuter, microchip with free registration, booster vaccinations (FVRCP) and rabies vaccination. This care could also include any number of treatments: broken leg, earmites, eye infection, flea/tick medicine, skin infection, upper respiratory infection, urinary tract infection, worming, and wound care to name a few.

On top of the reasons above, the Board and I worry the cheap adoption fees would increase impulse adopting. Adopting is an important decision everyone should reflect upon with the whole family before committing to a pet.

I hope this provides some transparency and understanding in how we operate and the choices we make for the organization.

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New Coordinators and Foster Buddies

How very excited the Board is at STLPR to announce we have several new members of our team:

Allison H. has agreed to fulfill the newly created Foster Coordinator role. This role will coordinate the review of foster applications, home checks, and welcoming them to the group. The Board discussed a new welcome process for new fosters, and Allison has some great ideas for this and supporting the reference check and home check process. The email for the Foster Coordinator is

Rachel S. has accepted the position of Volunteer Coordinator. This role will recruit and respond to people who submit the volunteer form on our website and direct them to the appropriate opportunity, or person. This is greatly important as we are always short on volunteers for events. Rachel and I will be meeting soon so brainstorm about some of the pieces we can do! The email for the Volunteer Coordinator is

Shane P. has accepted the position of Outreach Coordinator. This role will search for events and venues around St. Louis where STLPR presence would be beneficial. This includes scheduling speaking engagements with local schools and groups. It’s really a lot of fun speaking to the community about rescue and proper pet care. The email for the Outreach Coordinator is

Finally, the Board and I discussed the Foster Buddy roles. These people will be mentors for new fosters. They will help them get on board with us and answer questions they may have. The STLPR community nominated: Ashley S., Kim A., Samantha F., Stefani U. and Whitney W. to be Foster Buddies. The Foster Coordinator will assign Foster Buddies in a rotating manner in the welcome email and help our new fosters feel welcome.

It warms my heart knowing how many amazing people with passions for pets just like me have come to join St. Louis Pet Rescue over the years. I am humbled each and every day by the wonderful first 6 years we have had! I am very excited for this next chapter with St. Louis Pet Rescue.

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Best Kind of Mail

Many of us relate the mailbox with bills. Sometimes you get the occasional surprise: a magazine, a birthday card or perhaps a package. Well, I loved getting this awesome surprise in the mail: a grant from the Petfinder Foundation on behalf of Purina’s Beggin’!!!

While grants don’t come too often for St. Louis Pet Rescue, they seem to come at just the right time. Using this grant, we’ll be able to keep going with our reduced adult cat adoption fee. This is something that was made possible by the Petfinder Foundation’s grant by Purina Cat Chow we received last fall and has really impacted the number of adoptions we have had.

I can’t wait to share all the adoptions of adult cats with reduced fees made possible by this Beggin’ grant! Thanks again, Petfinder Foundation and your partners in everything pet Purina!

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A Priceless Pair

Meet Mickey & Milo. They are brothers and were born on 3/31/14.

It would be great if they could find a home together since they have never been separated.

image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7 image9 image10

Read Mickey’s bio and Milo’s bio.

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Rescue Ruckus

The other day I was driving down 141 to the storage unit the Rescue has up off of Big Bend Road. I texted Barb earlier that I had the new flea medicine and could leave at storage or drop it by her house. She said to leave it at Petco as she was going there shortly. There have been many times when I run up to Petco or to one of the vet offices and bump into Adel. I got to thinking about how many times each week we all must pass by each other on the road just missing each other. This doesn’t even include fosters and volunteers who buzz all over each week transporting foster pets to vet offices, doing home visits for adopters or fosters, or helping run errands for the Rescue. If we mapped our driving on any given week, the map would be one crazy, messy web!

This post is to share with you all how much work and dedication it takes to be in rescue and without everyone’s hard work, we’d be nowhere.

For those of you who say you don’t have the time to volunteer, all of our fosters and volunteers are proof that everyone has the time. It’s just whether or not it’s important enough to you for you to make the time. These folks work full time, are full time moms, some are in school in very competitive and challenging degree programs, and they make the time to give back to a cause.

I challenge you to make the time. Ask them. They’ll tell you it’s worth it. As for the pets, well, their effort they made saved their lives. Help save lives by fostering or volunteering.

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RESCHEDULED: 2nd Annual Pistons for Paws Car Show Fundraiser


I am posting to let you all know we will be rescheduling the Pistons for Paws Car Show due to the rain anticipated for tomorrow.

I’ll be sure to let you know when we do reschedule. Thank you!

Ready to celebrate spring’s arrival? So are we! Join us for the second annual Pistons for Paws Car Show fundraiser.

Come see the amazing cars or show off your pride and joy! There will be raffles, silent auction, 50/50 sales, and adoptable pets to meet.

Car Show benefiting St. Louis Pet Rescue

April 19, 2015, 10 am – 2 pm
Gates open for staging at 9:15

Museum of Transportation – upper lot 

Spectators, please park in the lower lot and take the tram to the upper lot.

3015 Barrett Station Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63122

Free to attend
$20 donation per car for exhibitors

Awards are as follows:


Best Coat, Best in Show, Best Foreign Breed, Best Original Breed, Best Domestic Breed

Want to show your car? Buy tickets online! Check out the car exhibitor tickets in our St. Louis Pet Rescue Shop! Payments will be handled via Paypal.

Email if you do no have a PayPal account and we can arrange to accept credit card over the phone or mailed check payment. We will also accept cash, check and card at the entrance.

Share the flyer
Print the 2015 Car Show Flyer and share the fun!


All proceeds benefit St. Louis Pet Rescue. STLPR rescues pets from local animal control facilities and neglect situations. Your donations will help STLPR continue their good efforts in the St. Louis area.

Want to Volunteer?
Visit the St. Louis Pet Rescue volunteer form to complete your information. Someone will contact you shortly!

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6th Annual Doggone Trivia Success


What a fun night! We were hopping! We had 244 people pre-registered and ended up entertaining over 300 people. I think the people had a great time too as we had to have some wonderful volunteers run out for more beer and wine.

We had adoptable pets come visit us:



Little T.


and Carmen, although she had to stick to her bath and then to bed routine:


We had silent auctions, raffles, merchandise sales, and live auctioned some art from some very talented artists. I was lucky enough to get a piece that looked very similar to my beloved Pepe, who graces our main page. Chris already found a spot to hang it in our bedroom. If you won a piece, please send me a picture of it hanging in your house. I’d love to send the pictures to the artists who donated!

Thank you to Robb Young, owner of Now That’s a DJ! for being our emcee and setting up all the audio visual equipment for us. Robb is very talented and such a giving person in our community. We need more Robbs in this world.


To help us out, we had 10 volunteers from Kohl’s. WOW were they so amazing. They sold raffle tickets and 50/50 tickets. They sold $1032 for our 50/50. We have NEVER sold more than $500 or so! We couldn’t even get a picture of all of them together – they just zoomed around the whole night selling! They need to come back next year!

Thank you to our bartenders, Heather and Vanna. They kept the drinks coming so everyone could really enjoy their evening!

Sharon O. and Stacy D. arranged for us to have some amazing silent auction and raffle items! We have so many we will have some at our upcoming Pistons for Paws car show.

We also had some great help from our own fosters and volunteers. Thank you to Adel P., Allison H., Barb V., Carol, Cyndi and McKenzie M., Denise and Jerry B., Denise T., James and Stefani U., Jamie H., Josh K., Lorie M., Sharon O., Stacy B., and my wonderful husband Chris. Oh and our judges – what a great bunch! Check them out:


Carol (right) previously adopted from us and brought her friends to help us out. They need to come back next year too! So much fun!!!

Normally we raise about $4500 each trivia night. We raised $8300 this year! That’s amazing! Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

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Trivia Night


STLPR’s 6th Annual Doggone Trivia Night is only a little over a month away! Reserve your spot today for the best doggone trivia you’ve ever had.

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What Team Players!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our raffle! We raised nearly $1500. That is a big help to cover vet expenses that add up each month. Thank you!!!

Congratulations to Barb who won the signed Jim Edmonds mini-home plate!


Congrats to Joe who won the signed David Backes hockey stick and tickets!


So glad we have such generous players and great sports fans who both love pets here in St. Louis!

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One of Our Adoptable Pets

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