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“Free Pregnant Cat”


Jojo was rescued from a Craig’s List ad stating “Free Pregnant Cat”.  The owner, Bob claimed he was moving and could no longer keep his cat, Jojo of 3 years.  Bob’s girlfriend found Jojo on the streets when she was just 4 months old.  They decided to keep her but never got her spayed.  Now three years and 2 litters later, Bob decided to give her up.

A foster from St. Louis Pet Rescue stepped up to foster this adorable feline.  The first week Jojo was in her foster home, she was so depressed that she would not eat.  The foster mom had to syringe feed her daily to make sure Jojo and the babies got enough nutrients.  Jojo was in her foster home for three weeks before giving birth in a bathtub on February 20, 2016.  She was in labor for ten hours and delivered six beautiful kittens (3 orange boys and 3 tortie girls).  Unfortunately, the runt of the litter (a tortie) passed when she was 3 days old because she was unable to nurse.  The remaining five babies (Odie, Bo, Sarge, Kida and Meeka) grew up to be beautiful, healthy kittens.

Jojo’s babies are ten weeks old now and will be up for adoption soon.  Two of the boys, Sarge and Bo are already pre-adopted.


Jojo and three of her babies still need families to love.  Please share her story so they can find a home!

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