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There are happy and sad moments in rescue every day. Of course most of the time we have mostly happy stories to tell. Unfortunately this is not one of them.

Yesterday one of our foster homes lost a senior kitty they took it as a hospice Foster. Sam and Ashley took care of Holly (Bailey) like their own, no questions asked. Her last few weeks were filled with warmth, food, company and love.


This little lady was found on the road as a stray, matted, dirty, weighing in at barely over 3 lbs. She has been neglected for a very long time, and unfortunately living on her own did not suit her well. She had a heart condition, most most likely irritable bowel syndrome, infected teeth and an ear infection. Because of the condition she was in, getting her teeth fixed was not an option. She had a sore and tired little body and she fought hard to try to get better.  Holly was growing her hair back, was enjoying days outside in the sun ( of course supervised) and was loving her cuddle time. The last 24 hours unfortunately she became unstable. She no longer wanted to eat, no longer could stand or walk, and seemed to be in distress. Sam and Ashley made the decision that nobody ever wants to make, and let her go. This without a doubt is the hardest part of being in rescue. We all want the best for our foster babies, and this takes a toll on all of us.

We thank the foster family for their unconditional love for Holly, and that they were there for her no matter what until the end.

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