Bobbie Boy!

From STLPR foster mom, Chris Hughes:

This is Bobbie’s story.

On a day that I went up to Jefferson County Animal Control (JCAC) to see what cat or kittens were up there the longest, I noticed this beautiful green eyed tabby standing up on its hind legs, reaching out to me and softly calling to me! He had been there for 7 days already, so I knew he wouldn’t have much time left. As I looked at him I noticed that his tail was stiff. So I got him out to take a closer look. He immediately wrapped his paws around my neck purring loudly. I saw an area on his lower back that appeared to be scruffy or matted, so I carefully tried to separate the hair and I could see that it was scabby at the base of the hair! So, I new there was an injury! His tail was dead! It had been crushed or something about 3 inches from his rear! He had been there for a whole week and no one had even noticed! I called to get permission to pull him and got the ok!

I took him to Ivan’s Animal Hospital for an evaluation. It was obvious that his tail had to be amputated…and when they shaved back the hair where it was matted (purring the whole time) it looked as if he had been burned! We actually believe that he was hit by a car! Well, they amputated his tail and kept him for 3 days or so to keep an eye on the road burn, to make sure it didn’t get infected!

Well, when I brought him home I noticed that I would find an occasional present outside of his box. Then when he was out of his crate and he laid down on his side I could see urine trickle down to the floor. I immediately put him back in his crate and called Dr. Pernikoff at Clarkson Wilson Vet to see if I could get him in to see what was wrong! They did a number of X-rays and Doc let me see. He had multiple fractured vertebrae! At the base of his tail was the most obvious one! You could see how separated it was from the one before it! As if it had been yanked very hard and what that did was sever the nerves at that location. That is why he could not control his bladder or bowels! This cat is so loving and so sweet that I was determined to see what could be done to help him! They gave him a script for a medication that helps contract the bladder muscles in the hopes that he will regain some ability to be continent! This could take a long time and it may not change anything at all!

Desperate…I took his x-rays to Veterinary Specialty Services to a specialist to get a consult. Could surgery repair any of the nerve damage? But, the results were not what I was hoping for.  So now what? Since he has such a poor chance of anyone adopting him with this condition… I have the choice of having him put down UNLESS I can find someone willing to accept him as he is! He stays in his crate at night and I let him out on my deck where there is no way for him to get down during the day. I also put a doggie diaper on him, with a pad in it so he can be inside with me for a while. He just simply wants to be loved and be next to you!

My sister came in town from California and absolutely fell in love with him! She babied him the whole time she was here! She kept a clean diaper on him and put a pad on the bed so he could sleep with her. It was so precious! I couldn’t help but take a picture of them. When my sister left to go back to California she cried her eyes out for Bobbie, she just fell in love with him! She asked me to please try and find him a home! She is convinced that there is someone out there that has the heart to take him in!

I said that I would, because I love him too!

Bobbie is chipped, neutered, front declawed and up-to-date on shots.  He is a very special boy!  To inquire about adopting Bobbie, please email.

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