Meet Rorschach

Meet Rorschach!

From his foster mom, Jessica:

On October 7, 2011 a couple came to the animal boarding facility where I work carrying a sad little kitten that was obviously emaciated and possibly blind from severe eye infection and trauma. They had found the kitten wobbling about just outside of a wooded area and had brought him to us in desperation. Despite his sad state he never stopped purring for a moment.

He was rushed to an emergency vet clinic that night and since has had a slow and steady recovery. He is now a fun loving kitten with boundless energy. He LOVES to play, wrestle, and of course, cuddle. He is good with other cats and dogs (and even tries to wrestle with my German Sheperd).

Someone found a Pretty Picture in this poor little Inky Blot!  Rorschach now lives with his new mom, Jean.

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  1. Rorschach is a cute cat. His story inspires me to adopt a cat in Maryland. I’ve heard many incidents that almost killed cute kittens like him. Hope he found a great home.

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